Wellness Services


Awaken your senses

100% therapeutic grade essential oils to harmonize and restore your body. Treatments can include hands, face, feet, ears, and back. Benefits: Lymphatic system, Allergies, Digestive Disorders, Skin disorders, Stress, Pain, Inflammation, Detoxification, and much more!15-60 minute sessions $15-$55

Light Therapy

Spectro-Chrome therapy utilizes light energy to balance the bodies energetic field allowing the body many restorative benefits: Proper absorption of nutrients, Healthier skin, Relaxation, Restored energy and much more! 30 minutes $30 Added to any service $15

Cellular Attunement

Harmonize the body through sound. Sound Resonation balances the body systems working with the body energetically to balance and harmonize. Solfeggio frequencies are ancient tunes and have been rediscovered benefits including: Improved sleep, Reduce inflammation, Regulates blood pressure, Increased oxygen and blood flow, Enhanced immune system, Increase memory. 30-minute session $40; 60-minute session $55. Added to any service $30-$40


Facelift Massage

Cleans, dry brush the face enhancing lymphatic flaw brighter skin and eyes, honey mask for hydration and nutrition with face lifting massage and nutritive serums for setting back the clock, Renew the skin Refresh the body mind and soul 60 min for $55.00 or add any energy balance treatment for 90 min session for $75.00.


Acupressure and EFT

Emotional Wellness, Beauty inside and out! A sensational dynamic and simple approach for glowing health.  Your body is controlled by a electrical system with many off/on switches.  There are main circuits to every organ and nerve in your body.  Nerve endings in your hands, feet and ears can be tapped in various places in your body.  Open closed electrical lines that have been shut off from energy flow, letting go of pain and negative emotion.  Unlock your full potential! Safe for everyone $15-$55 session.


Zyto Scan

Bio communication Technology by placing your hand on the hand cradle subtle energetic responses called “VSI’S” (virtual stimulus response) Measure and record your body’s response to stressors and balances. VSI are representatives to a wide range of items such as foods, nutritional supplements body organs and systems, emotions and therapy treatments basic scan $15-$25 advanced scan $40-$55


Genius Insight

Voice analysis (listens to the signals from your body using vital signs as stress indications based on a degree of probability.  It processes your voice print information mathematically (using algorithms) to show you the top vibrations of concern.  Vibrations are played back to rebalance progressive tissues.

Benefits include: balance, strengthen, restore, nourish, detoxify and rejuvenate body and biofield. $55 session includes imprint jewelry for customized energy protections.


 PEMF (Pulsed Electra-Magnetic Field) Therapy

 Pulsed Electra Magnetic Field.  All energy is electromagnetic in nature.  Every organ in the body produces its own signature bio electromagnetic field.  Science has proven that all 70 trillion cells in our bodies communicate via electromagnetic frequencies.  Over the years our environment has changed and he earth’s natural electromagnetic field, which is responsible for charging the cells in our bodies, has weekend PEMT therapy is showing results in accelerated repair of bones and soft tissue, cellular detoxification improved intake of nutrients, reduction of platelet adhesion and the ability to regenerate cells.  Increases: circulation, Flexibility, Range of Motion, strength, Endurance, Immune system, Bone Density, Cell hydration, Nerve Muscle Response, Energy to cells, sleep quantify

Decrease: Pain, stiffness, swelling, inflammation, edema, spasms, stress Tension, Numbness, Tingling, Headaches.

Sessions $55.00 or 4 sessions 160.00 add to any service $40.00