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Stiff Neck Causes and Symptoms

A stiff neck is typically characterized by soreness and difficulty moving the neck, especially when trying to turn the head to the side. A stiff neck may also be accompanied by a headache, neck pain, shoulder pain and/or arm pain, and cause the individual to turn the...

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10 Tips for Better Sleep

Does your brain go into overdrive as soon as your head hits the pillow? Or do you fall asleep and then wake up two hours later? Maybe one of these unconventional tips will help you get to sleep and stay asleep so you can wake up rested and refreshed. 1 - Nap Every Day...

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Exercise and Chiropractic Therapy

Cardiovascular and strengthening exercises combined with chiropractic care are important in the management of low back pain. If a patient has a history of heart problems, it is important for the patient to consult with not only the doctor of chiropractic but their...

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Starting an Exercise Ball Program

Many treatment programs for low back pain incorporate use of an exercise ball (also called a stability or fitness ball) to strengthen the core muscles in the stomach and back that support the spine. Exercise ball exercises clearly work and have been adopted in...

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Home‐Made Pain Relief

Sometimes the simplest solutions are best. Here we show you how to make your own gel ice pack or moist heat pack, and a simple low back massager to help ease your discomfort until you can get in to see your chiropractor. Ice/Heat Therapy Heat or cold therapy can...

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Could My Back Pain be Caused by Stress?

No one would disagree that having back and neck pain causes stress, but what about the other way around? Could stress be the primary cause of back pain? How does stress cause back pain? There are a variety of theories about the causes of stress related back pain....

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Chiropractic Services Beyond Adjustments

The focus on spinal adjustment is what makes doctors of chiropractic unique in their approach to treating patients with spinal complaints. The chiropractic adjustment, however, may not be the only procedure a chiropractor may employ in managing a patient's care....

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Chiropractic Care of the Upper Back

There are many sources of dysfunction in the upper back (thoracic spine), especially when we consider the numerous joints and the interlacing of muscles that comprise the thoracic spine and rib cage. If one muscle or joint is injured or inflamed, it can create a...

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Chiropractic Treatment for Myofascial Pain Syndrome

In addition to the many joints and bones that comprise the thoracic spine, there is a network of interwoven and layered muscles. These muscles are used to stabilize and move the spine, aid in respiration, and move the shoulder and arm. Fascia is a layer of connective...

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Summer Exercise is Good for Your Back

Summer is the perfect time of year to engage in appropriate outdoor exercises to rehabilitate your back. Most types of exercise can be done year‐round, but the sunlight and green grass of summer can be great encouragement to get out and make the best of a pleasant...

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